Saturday, December 05, 2020

Our Indoor Recreation

 GYM: The gymnasium is filled with all the tools and equipments that provide children a chance to stay fit and build on their physiques. All the classes from Std I to IX do specially designed workouts once a week using pull up machine, parallel bars, dumbbells, bench, multi-gym machines, bars and plates. Students are trained by our professional male and female Gym instructors.

Table Tennis Room: Our children are not only expert in outdoor activities but in indoor games too. They are being trained by Physical Education Teachers. The room is equipped with three tables.

Chess: The ideal game for the master mind. Chess is a game which forces the mental ability of a child to be put to use. 5 chessboards and coins are provided in the chess room and children are encouraged to learn the game. It encourages the child to develop and enhance his thinking prowess.

Carrom: 100 percent accuracy... that's the motto required for playing this game. It helps our students to get more focused and develop their skills.



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