Saturday, July 11, 2020

Baby Swimming Pool

SPLISH!!           SPLASH !!          SPLOSH!!


The tiny toddlers of our school are set to get wet. Our school has come up with the baby pool. The idea is to give our young divers confidence in the water from the early age, paving the way for more structured swimming lessons as they grow up. So, Our little swimmers are set for some gentle splash and splish in the water.



From Counsellors desk

Process of counselling utilized in the school environment is both preventive and developmental in nature. It aims at the prevention of behavioral / academic difficulties, bringing about a change, and the provision of enhancement programs.

"Every hand matters" is what we believe and strive to achieve. As counselors, we help monitor and support a student's social, emotional and academic growth during each stage of development (early, middle, senior school), ensuring today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.

A child at various developmental stages may face some form of difficulty that may be academic, behavioural or emotional in nature. Identifying these difficulties and thus providing early intervention is essential for the welfare of the child. This is a stepping stone towards ensuring a mentally healthy and well adjusted individual. Thus, depending on the identified difficulty, recommended therapy is provided or suggested to the parents thereby creating a liason between the parent, teacher and counsellor who work as a team for the up-liftmen of the child. 

We, the counsellors at Jankidevi reach out to these children for their better future through our availability for guidance and help such that, "Every hand is held" and "No child is left behind"


- Pavitra Desai (Pre-primary morning and Secondary sections)

- Sarah Ahmed (Pre-primary afternoon and Primary sections)


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Our Safety & Hygiene


Bus Service: We not only care for our students while they are in school but also while commuting. Special attention is given to students by providing specially designed, well ventilated buses which are equipped with seat belts, emergency exits, extra hydraulic steps for young toddlers, GPS Tracking system, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and lady conductors.


  • Two Elevators with a capacity of 15 persons each and two staircases are thoughtfully provided for easy dispersal as well as quick evacuation of the students in case of an emergency.

  • Fire extinguishers on every floor & fire fighting cordoning the entire building ensures all round safety in case of an outbreak of fire.

  • Hygienically prepared food and pure filtered drinking water periodically tested in an authorized laboratory is provided in the school. An extremely hygienic canteen loaded with an exquisite menu, a perfect treat for providing adequate and nourishing food for our growing students. It operates from 7 am to 6 pm catering to the needs of all our school shifts. Nutritious food is provided at subsidized rates. Snacks are served to Pre-Primary, Std I & Std II students in their respective classes to inculcate the habit of proper eating and to teach them good table manners.

  • There is a doctor on call(Dr. Indu Khosla) and an in-house nurse, to attend the students in times of any untoward accident, or ill-health of the students.

  • A counsellor is available to help students to cater with emotional or behavioral problems.



Our Science Laboratory

We have three science labs:


Physics lab: For the energetic and research loving child we have a spacious well illuminated and fully equipped lab with all possible electrical equipments like ammeters, voltmeters, resistances, electrolytes which exhaustively cover the entire syllabus from Std V to X. It is a spacious room which provides ample space to 40 aspiring scientists to conduct their experiments under the guidance of teachers, with the help of Lab Assistants.


Chemistry lab: To unfold the mysteries of Chemistry, we have a well equipped and beautifully designed Chemistry Lab, with all the chemicals strategically placed along with all the safety equipments well within the reach of the children and teacher. It can comfortably accommodate 40 students. Lab assistants are also provided.


Biology lab: Specimens of 'Living things' come alive in our Biology Lab to enliven interest in our young eager biologists with microscopes, specimens, slides, full sized skeleton, 3-D models and charts, students are encouraged to study the life science in all its forms, origin, growth and structure.




Our Indoor Recreation

 GYM: The gymnasium is filled with all the tools and equipments that provide children a chance to stay fit and build on their physiques. All the classes from Std I to IX do specially designed workouts once a week using pull up machine, parallel bars, dumbbells, bench, multi-gym machines, bars and plates. Students are trained by our professional male and female Gym instructors.

Table Tennis Room: Our children are not only expert in outdoor activities but in indoor games too. They are being trained by Physical Education Teachers. The room is equipped with three tables.

Chess: The ideal game for the master mind. Chess is a game which forces the mental ability of a child to be put to use. 5 chessboards and coins are provided in the chess room and children are encouraged to learn the game. It encourages the child to develop and enhance his thinking prowess.

Carrom: 100 percent accuracy... that's the motto required for playing this game. It helps our students to get more focused and develop their skills.



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