Friday, July 20, 2018

100% Results in Boards 2017

Dear Parents,


All our students have passed with flying colours and we have once again shown a Hundred Percent Result in ICSE, IGCSE and ISC 2017 Exams.


 ICSE Toppers are:

1st     Rank                                Shamika Gupta                                     96.17%

2nd    Rank                                Pradhuman Agarwal                             96 %

3rd     Rank                               Divya Joshi                                           95.83%


ISC  Toppers are:

1st     Rank                                Noman Parvez Qamer                          84.40%

2nd    Rank                                Humnaaz Siddiqui                                83.60 %


IGCSE Toppers are:

1st     Rank                                Avani Jain                                             91%

2nd    Rank                                Samyak Jain                                          87 %





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