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It is important for every parent that their child gets adequate exposure in various fields for them to explore their areas of interest. I am glad to see that initiatives at Jankidevi Public School, may be it sports, drama, or hobbies they offer multiple choices for students.
I found this school a very dynamic institute, which implemented many initiatives in their curriculum which has made it attractive for us and their involvement with every child is admirable. My son Shawaiz is always happy to come to school and is not shy or hesitant to try his hand at various projects. Jankidevi has fostered positive thinking and the power of expression in Shawaiz with such ease that I am glad to have admitted him in this school.
Every student receives a lot of personalised attention from their teachers. Teachers are extremely hard working and the School works as a community to really develop responsibility and sensitivity in the student. Shawaiz likes to participate with full dedication in all the activities and competitions at school or outside school and has won many medals and prizes. He has a clear understanding in his mind that even if he loses it's fine as participation and hard work is more important and that's the confidence and maturity Shawaiz has got from Jankidevi School.

I feel so blessed that my son studies in one of the best schools in Mumbai.
Parent Name: Nida Salman shaikh
Student name: Shawaiz salman shaikh
Std: 1C


Posted By: Nida Shaikh

Date of posting : 22-01-2020 10:01:47

Parenting is no cakewalk. It requires strength, character, constant pursuit of making your child fight against the tide, face negatives and learn to balance out failure and success. The choice of school is one such a huge decision because as a parent we want the best for our child. So my association with Jankidevi Public School (JPS) started on these notes.

A strong foundation academically as well as in the field of sports and extracurricular activities. Initially I was very sceptical of the school, only on my personal visit to the school all my fears seems to have disappeared. The level of discipline, infrastructure and the innovative initiatives taken by the management time and again have made me confident of the quality education my child is receiving. JPS is growing leaps and bounds new ideas, new methodology are inculcated often which is beneficial for the children in this techno savvy era.

Though my interactions have been limited only to Pre-Primary and Primary division of the school, I am personally very happy with school. The openness and the efforts taken by the teachers are surely moulding my child in the right direction. It’s not just the teaching faculty but JPS management has good support staff members also be it the 'didis' or the bus department who manage the kids with utmost love and affection.

Overall it has been an overwhelming experience for me at JPS. I love the fact that my child longs to get to school daily.


Kaizeen Daruvala

Mother of Shanaya Daruvala – I A


Posted By: Kaizeen Daruvala

Date of posting : 22-01-2020 09:01:53

It's a privilege writing this note for the school which nurtured my daughter, Vaishnavi Dhotre. Writing this makes me nostalgic about the thirteen year amazing journey. Like they say schools are second homes; the temples of learning, it is perfectly true with Jankidevi Public School.
The school provides excellent academic curriculum which is well taught by an
excellent set of teachers and supported by equally efficient counsellors, non
teaching and administrative staff. The school began with SSC curriculum, with
changing times, the management introduced the ICSE curriculum and later also
introduced the IGCSE curriculum. The great infrastructure along with extra curricular activities like dance,
music and sports coaching in swimming, karate, gymnasium, rifle-shooting, horse riding instill team work and spirit of sportsmanship in children The school also encourages students to participate in inter school competitions,
the Annual Day, Sports Days events and the outdoor field trips were very well organized and systematic.
One thing I really appreciated about the school was the openness to parent
involvement. I think it is rare in schools for parents to be given that kind of access and intimate look at the functioning of the school. I wish the school all the very best and express my gratitude for the wonderful experience which we will cherish forever.


Posted By: Vandana Dhotre
- Parent of Vaishnavi Raju Dhotre

Date of posting : 22-01-2020 10:01:46

Kunal, our child has been a part of your esteemed
school since Nursery and has completed his class Tenth from Section - A in March
2013. We want to thank the management and the entire staff of Jankidevi Public
School for its constant support and perseverance. We also take this
opportunity to extend our profound thanks to those teachers who have been
Kunal's mentors and guides. They have been a pillar of strength and have given him
tremendous support whenever needed. They have helped in building up that
confidence and creating interest towards the studies which we think is of
paramount importance. Such teachers are a GIFT to the children.



Due to the open communication channels between parents and teachers we found it
relatively easier to manage things. What Kunal is today, we know we have
Jankidevi to thank that for. We sincerely want to thank Mr Narendra Verma for
keeping such high standards of teaching in the school.


Posted By: Kajal & Gopal Rijhwani
- Parent of Gopal Rijhwani

Date of posting : 22-01-2020 10:01:04

Every parent has
a dream, and that is to give his or her child the very best in life, to lay a
strong foundation to ensure a glorious future. I too had this very same dream
and I’m in a happy space where I have achieved this. Thirteen years ago I made a
decision that made it all possible. I made a decision to visit Jankidevi Public

Initially I was sceptical as I was told it was a new school, but all my
apprehensions evaporated as I walked in through the gates into the lovely
spacious classrooms; saw the lush green lawns and the beautiful pool, felt the
calm and peaceful surrounding and most of all encountered the cheerful and
efficient teachers. By then my decision was well and truly made, I was convinced
that there would be no better place than this for my children to have the best
possible foundation in life and thirteen years later when I see the happiness on
my daughters face and her spectacular ICSE result, I have the smug satisfaction
of having been right.

Jankidevi school turned out to be a home away from home, what I really value is
the fact that here is a place that ensures children turn out to be all-rounder’s,
they are encouraged to participate in so many activities that really helps them
grow and achieve their fullest potential. I would like to thank the teachers,
Principal and all those at Jankidevi School who collectively made it happen. I
wish the very best to Jankidevi and all the delightful people who are part of
this amazing wonderland also referred to as School!

Posted By: Mrs. Meera Vigraham
Parent of : Milaan and Niveda Vigraham

Date of posting : 22-01-2020 10:01:18

From modest beginnings in Mumbai’s Andheri, surrounded by the energy and unbridled
potential of a country always on the verge of greatness, Jankidevi Public School is a first generation
school, for their innate ability to merge creativity with potential in the field of
JPS is driven by their interest in championing scholars in India, and is focused on building
their next set of high growth & impact educational sectors. Their more recent
commitment to being a first mover in sports has made them lend their support to cricket.
Chairmanshri, Management, Principal & Teachers of JPS details their vast experiences,
and the myriad lessons learnt from more than many years of building some successful
students, bringing clarity to a quick changing world and making an impassioned case for
the role of perfect student in India’s future.
Scale, Brand & Value Creation are some of the commitments to excellence in the
educational field for JPS…
In JPS, they are always ready to take the plunge into starting or committed to growing of
each & every students into an effective leader in the world.
Jankian Team shares failure & triumphs, a simple educational direction that could help
students to gain better insight and give a fighting chance when it comes for students to
realizing their dreams in this realistic world.
My ward Ms.Prisha Shah, really loves her school very much. I am very thankful to all.
Chairmanshri, the Management, Principal & Teachers of JPS for succeeding in harnessing the
country’s enormous educational potential with the most energetic & passionate team, alive
with fresh mindsets, optimism and hope for my child to develop in all fields & realizing
her qualities with best outcome may be it studies, celebrating festivals, extra-curricular
activities or field trips.
Thanking You,
(M)+91-800 744 0000



Date of posting : 22-01-2020 10:01:22

Respected ma’am, I am Neha Shaikh mother of Hooriya Tabish Shaikh who is in 5th Cambridge. She wants to say something to all of her Primary Section Heads, teachers, and all the support staff members. This is written by her and I am typing on her behalf. 

School days should be declared the happiest days in one’s life. In my opinion, these are the most precious and ecstatic years of my journey. It is rightly said that school is a second home and teachers are like parents and yes, I have witnessed the same. I have spent initial 5 years in Primary which will be the best days of my life or I will say unforgettable. 

In my  school everything is magical be it the infrastructure, its turf ground, baby pool or large swimming pool, library, canteen and the most important thing is that big JPS flag fluttering in the wind on the main gate. I feel the wind that blows in my school has a special message for each one of us and that is walk straight, chin up, shoulders erect you are a Jankian. Being a student of Jankidevi Public School I feel it’s my responsibility that in whatever I do I must make my school proud. The most exceptional are my teachers, didi’s, all the uncles, Nilesh uncle. Everyone works in my school for our welfare and treat us as their own children. Studying in JPS is a life changing experience which inspires us to achieve the goals. I wonder what if I was in a different school? I would have not met my teachers, who all are as honourable as my parents to me. The teachers in my school continuously motivate us, support us, become our friend and when required, they help us to understand the world  in a better and positive way. They guide us to grow on a right path, lead us, hold our hands till we can walk alone, pick us up when we fall physically and emotionally, show us how to be strong in every situation, help us to make our world a finer and wiser place. From my first grade teacher to the present teacher which is grade five has taught me different lessons of life. Every year when I thought that I couldn’t get a better teacher than previous year’s teacher, I was amazed to see the abilities and teaching passion of the next year’s teacher and then I used to get confused which one is the best teacher this year’s or last year’s and just like that I have completed five years so fast that now I will be going to Grade VI leaving Primary Section behind but heading with loads of memories and love I got in Primary Section more than I deserved. I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to all our teachers for showing kindness and so much of love towards each one of us. A big thank you to our Principal ma’am for being so enthusiastic and approachable. Whenever I met Principal ma’am I never felt that strictness or harshness in her. She stays calm and composed, she always meets all of us with open arms. She comes every single day on our floor to check on us. Pinkie ma’am, thank you for always giving that wonderful smile whenever I see you especially on the stage when I come to take an award and that really motivates me to do more good. I feel that you are really happy and feeling proud. Thank you Meena ma’am for always showing love and your welcoming attitude for us says everything about you. We feel comfortable and free to talk to you. There are so many special things in my school one of them are subject teachers who not 


only teach a particular subject but educate us to believe in ourselves and what ever we try to do. Hindi and Marathi subject teachers hold a very special place in my heart as they took teaching to another level with their crafty skills. There is a department in my school which I feel is the most energetic and that is the sports department whether it is to stand for us in scorching heat just to teach the skills of the particular sport or while doing their duty standing for us at the gates they do it wholeheartedly. I can keep on talking about my school  day in day out .I actually love to talk about my school, the reason being I want to see my school to the highest. 

Composed by: Hooriya Shaikh 

Grade V

Typed by Neha Shaikh

Date of posting : 15-03-2024 12:03:38

You're Never Too Old to Go to the Zoo: A Parent's Reflection on the Wild Adventure

After witnessing the spirited enactment of "The Lion King" by our young Jankians at the Annual Day, the decision to embark on a field trip to the zoo felt like the perfect follow-up. This excursion not only promised a blend of education and entertainment but also provided a unique opportunity for me as a parent to witness the enchantment and curiosity in our children's eyes.

As our Jankians eagerly explored the wonders of the zoo, I couldn't help but jot down some valuable advice inspired by the jungle inhabitants:

- Elephant: Be all ears, absorb every bit of knowledge.

- Tiger: Keep a watchful eye on your surroundings and opportunities.

- Rhinoceros: Stay sharp, know when to take charge of situations.

- Bear: Eat well, to nourish your body and mind.

- Deer: Leap over obstacles with grace and determination.

- Monkey: Evolve, adapt to changes in your environment.

- Penguin: Go the extra mile, strive for excellence.

- Turtle: Occasionally come out of your shell, embrace new experiences.

- Macaw Parrot: Never take your unique features for granted; embrace and celebrate them.

I must express my gratitude to the teachers for the seamless execution of the trip. Their expertise not only ensured the safety of our Jankians but also enhanced the overall enjoyment of the journey.

In conclusion, let me leave you with a thought: "When you go on a field trip, the trip itself becomes part of the story." Our visit to the zoo has undeniably become a cherished chapter in the book of memories, filled with shared excitement and a sense of wonder that transcends generations. Time spent at the zoo is never wasted; it's an investment in the joy of discovery and the enduring magic of childhood.


Mrs Ursula Fernandes

Parent of Jayden and Anaya 

Grade I

Date of posting : 15-03-2024 12:03:33

I never imagined a trip to the zoo would be a hassle-free jaunt. Thanks to the school and your team, you managed it with such ease. Thanks to the Adventure group for working so well with our school over the years. A big thank you again to the school for inviting me to witness the efforts you all put into making every event so memorable ♥️🙏🏻. These efforts can be seen at every event of Jankidevi school. You people organize so well, whether it’s the Annual Day, which was a hit and very special because it’s our first Annual Day after COVID, plus our school is celebrating its 25th year of perfection. Or should I say, 25 years of flawlessness, or 25 years of greatness? The best would be 25 years of par excellence 😊. I’m really impressed by how well you people handle ample children all together so conveniently 👍🏻. There were no injuries, no stress throughout the trip. It was very well organized, like always. At the end of the day, I could see bliss and cheerfulness on every child’s face. Your team keeps their eyes peeled on every little Jankian’s safety, which is the most important factor on any field trip. At long last, I would like to thank Principal ma’am, Pinky ma’am, Meena ma’am, all the heads, and the teachers. Traveling with you all was actually a treat. Special thanks to Meena ma’am for the coffee; it was much needed 😄. The time I spent with the little Jankians is unforgettable for me. Thank you once again for making me a part of this trip, and as a parent, I’ll be taking a back seat when it comes to the child’s safety, security, and enjoyment in school.

Warm regards,

Neha Shaikh

Mother of Hooriya Shaikh, Grade 5

Maira Shaikh, Grade 3

Mohd Khizar Shaikh, Grade 2

Date of posting : 15-03-2024 12:03:09

Heartiest Congratulations on putting up such a wonderful show. 

The little comperes had already set the stage high! The direction of the skit, dialogues and the stellar performance by the little ones was mind blowing. I was especially amazed at the dialogue delivery of the pre-primary kids. The props, stage backdrops , set designs were mesmerizing! 

I loved how the Primary kids improvised and ensured that their voices were heard when their personal mikes didn’t support. 

In little mermaid, the sea world back drop was Stunning. In the play ' Bharat' , the scene where the fish gulped the ring was especially intriguing. Ashram to Palace journey through backdrops was very well done! 

The Dance choreography was almost of the level of reality shows on TV. It was indeed a magnificent show. 

The hard work of Teachers , teams and children was evident.

The availability of tea and snacks closer to the venue was delightful. 

The venue was good too , 

The only drawback being, the absence of stepped seating which we have in auditoriums. Viewing over tall people's heads was a little disturbing. 

Thanks for the super opportunity our children got to experience after such a long gap due to Covid. Those 2 evenings were indeed experiences to cherish forever!





Mrs.Ridaa Shaikh 

Mother of : 

Ayaan Ahmed Shaikh , Sr. KG. Panda , 


ra Shaikh, 3C.

Date of posting : 15-03-2024 12:03:04

Dear Farhana Ma'am


Thank you so much for believing in Ivan Shah (std III A , roll no 14) and giving him opportunity to compere for annual day. 

Our phones are still flooding with congratulatory messages from parents, our friends and relatives. As parents we could not be more proud of Ivan, pleased with school for giving him this platform and your efforts ma'am for training him so well and trusting him. 

Thank you principal ma'am, Meena ma'am and Pinkie ma'am for all your support. 

Truely grateful parents of Ivan Shah,

Sneha and Viral Shah


Date of posting : 15-03-2024 12:03:24